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Mr. Scott Corey

Scott Corey is a seasoned Clinician with over a decade of experience. Beginning his professional career in a secure psychiatric facility treating people ages 4-80 for a vast array of mental health disorders and  symptomatic behaviors; he has always had a passion advocating for those who couldn’t speak for themselves.

This includes working with State Senators to write a bill into law for more effective continuation of care within the community and emergency mental health services all while maintaining patient privacy. Scott has an innovative approach to problem solving, inspirational compassion, and a drive for action.


For almost 5 years Scott was committed to a role in guiding around 200 people professionally on their daily journey through methadone treatment for opiate use disorder. Scott is a fierce advocate in the fight against mental health/addiction stigma, especially when it comes to treatment.


Scott still aims to graduate students to a place where they can maintain sobriety without the need of medical assistance when appropriate; although everyone's path is different. Scott was able to change the culture and attitude of the clinic where he worked; giving people a path forward, organizing and leading multiple charity events, setting goals to strive for, an appreciation for obstacles to overcome with perspective, and a practice of language that can break through the social stigma of treatment.


As the pandemic unfolded, Scott’s groups no longer had the physical limitations of office space. He was able to gather more and more people remotely, developing the tools needed to be effective and adaptive to the needs of his virtual students in an ever changing world. Once again taking on a role of advocacy, pushing for an urgent response to loosen restrictions in order to maintain safe access to medication and continuation of treatment during the shut down. Scott excels at accountability and has gone to Governor meetings to speak about the needs of the community and how professionals must be held accountable to meet those needs.

Stretching the scope of his therapy, Scott offered assistance to other professionals in the field who may be experiencing burn out from increased stress, publishing his toolkit with StoicCare.

Many clients have told Scott that they feel enslaved by addiction and/or anger and he realized that his clients may find the Stoic philosophy of a born slave inspirational. He began to share his own personal daily practice of Stoicism and its benefits in his own classes with a focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; motivating and challenging his students to work hard on their own character and growth. Analyzing ancient writings from classic Stoics as well as modern interpretations through a Stoic lens, Scott’s groups offer stories of heroes and hardship overcome in a way that empowers even the most disenfranchised.

Scott realized through experience the great need for sobriety aftercare. Along with his desire to open access to his classes, unique curriculum, and modern Stoic practices to people outside of a clinic setting; Scott Corey and his wife, Lauren Corey, founded The Stoic Archer Academy. Teaching a way to synthesize your thoughts, speech, and behaviors to your values and principles. To work hard today to secure who we will become tomorrow. To overcome to become.

To be The Stoic Archer.

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