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"I have no doubt that when no one is watching you are trying your best to be a Stoic. Not only do you practice it but you teach it to us as well. You always have been and teach us how to be accountable. I am becoming a better me everyday. I have been sober for over 5 years and will continue trying to be a Stoic, just as you taught me. You continue to set the bar high not only for us, but with yourself and that is everything. I'm happy to say I look forward to learning something new every week from you and how to better myself. Thank you for being one of my favorite daily blessings.Others have told me the same and all I hear is wonderful things people say about you. You have one heck of a reputation! All good and nothing bad. Congratulations! All your hard work shows and you have impeccable bedside manners. You have inspired and helped so many and continue to do so everyday; even when you are off the clock. So far, I love how we meditate and now we are working on self-forgiveness and I can't wait for the next lesson! This guy deserves all the stars in the world, he is so sincere and really treats you how you should be treated; like a regular person. Thank you for showing us how to get our confidence back and how to stay sober with all of these Stoic tools. Thank you Scott Corey, with all of my heart.



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